About Me

"The Preferred Choice in Comfort Solutions"


Vinicio "Vini" Started working in the HVAC industry back in 1999. After working 14 years at two of the most successful HVAC companies in Chicago he decided then he had the knowledge in both the technical and business side to make a service experience better for the present and future customers of Preferred Comfort. The last 4 years Preferred Comfort has grown into a reliable, affordable, service & install company that is soon becoming a staple in homes around Chicago.

Preferred Comfort Mission
It is the fundamental goal of Preferred Comfort Heating & Cooling to surpass the expectations of each customer we service on a a daily basis. To provide an honest, reliable service that is transparent with our assessments and that we can also teach our customers the little they can do to avoid total losses of there comfort products.  "Rewards don’t always come in the form of a payment or paycheck, the rewards we expect to earn is thank you for a job well done!


Good work! Came quickly returned next day with new part. I would recommend him to friends and family. Honest person. Home Advisor Review