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Spring Comfort Tips

Starting in mid-April, it's time to schedule your annual cooling system maintenance to ensure one of the most critical systems of your home is running efficiently and safely. Here are other expert tips to keep your home cool this summer.

Check and Replace Air Filter

As pollen and other allergens return to Chicago this spring, ensure your home is protected by replacing clogged or dirty air filters. We recommend changing your filter every 2-3 months depending on the prevalence of pollutants in your home and choose a filter with an MERV rating between 9-12 for newer HVAC units and 5-8 for units older than 2010. Avoid MERV ratings above 13 to prevent system short cycling.

Schedule Your Annual A/C Safety-Efficiency-Preventative Maintenance Service Starting Mid-April.

Schedule your annual A/C maintenance starting mid-April.

Our skilled technicians will conduct a comprehensive 20-point inspection of your system checking key components such as the thermostat, refrigerant levels, electrical connections, and condensate drain to ensure everything is functioning efficiently and safely.

Rotate Your Ceiling Fan Blades

As the weather warms up, reverse the direction of your ceiling fan blades counterclockwise. This creates a cooling breeze that helps distribute air more effectively and reduce the workload on your A/C system.

Consider Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat is a great investment to take control of your home's temperature and save on energy costs over the long run. Plus, by setting customized schedules to adjust the temperature based on your daily routines, you can also help reduce your system’s stress and wear to extend the life of your A/C system!

Need a New A/C? Schedule A/C Replacement BEFORE the Heat Hits!

Don't wait until temperatures soar to schedule a free home estimate or phone consultation for A/C replacement. The ideal time to replace your HVAC system is in between seasons, before temperatures start to rise or drop significantly. At Preferred Comfort, we make the process of replacement and installation a breeze with our team of expert installers who’ll set up your new system to its optimal performance.

Replace Batteries in Your Thermostat

If you own a battery operated thermostat, make sure to replace the batteries regularly. This simple maintenance task ensures accurate temperature readings and efficient operation of your A/C system.

Clear Away Blockages Around Your A/C Unit and Indoor Vents

Check and remove any obstruction around your outdoor A/C unit, such as weeds, animal nests, or any debris leftover from the winter to ensure proper airflow and prevent potential damage to your unit. Additionally, clear any obstruction such as furniture from your indoor vents that could restrict airflow.

On Warm Spring Days, Seal Air Leaks

Keep your home cool by sealing any gaps around doors and windows to prevent conditioned air from escaping and outside air from entering. This helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures and reduces energy waste.

On Cool Spring Days, Open Windows for Natural Ventilation

Turn off your A/C and keep utility bills down on those cooler spring days. Simply open your windows to let in some fresh air and natural sunlight. Not only is this great for your health, but it can also help improve indoor air quality in your home.

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